Healthcare Provider Framework

Unlike other Framework Solutions which have a tendency to focus on two key areas, cost savings and administration simplification, we focus on both these things but we also work toward making your organisation more efficient.

Our Framework works as you would work internally. By using an integrated and automated SMS based fulfilment system our software will first try to fill vacancies using your full time staff and only then will it fall back to temporary resource to get the job done.

We do all this and more without the need to use a phone or even contact a candidate - the status of each vacancy is clearly displayed on one screen at provider, agency and candidate level; with live updates as response(s) come in from each candidate in question.

Reports, Spreadsheet Exports & Management Information Systems

The CoreMED Framework contains an embedded Reporting engine for which we can create any report your organisation requires.

In addition, we have integrated charting and spreadsheet export functionality to allow you to visualise your data at a high level for decision making purposes.

Every Sector Covered

At the heart of our system is the Resource Scheduler.

Every person referenced in the resource chain has access to this easy to understand software, each user having their own permissions, assignable by the healthcare provider.

A candidate for instance would only be able to see their own shifts, upload and view timesheets.

An agency would only be able to see their own candidates shifts, view timesheets, but also create and view invoices.

A healthcare provider would be able to view everything, along with MIS reports, detailed spreadsheet exports giving them a full overview of the state of play, both historic, live and in terms of forecasting.

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